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Plumbing Project

Blocked Drain Taps & Toilet Renovations +2

Today, we investigated the cause of the blockage using modern CCTV drain cameras. This helps us identify the location of the blockage and the source. Once we are able to locate the source of the blockage it will help us determine the best solution in clearing it.

Castle Hill
Plumbing Project

Blocked Drain Taps & Toilet Renovations

Today, we investigated a blocked drain and use the jet blaster to clear the blockage. Once we were able to clear the blockage, we were able to see if there was any other further blockages. Blockages can be caused by Baby Wipes, Old Pipework which catch waste on the cracks, Grease and oil. We advice home owners to maintain their pipework by avoiding flushing anything hazardous down the drain.

Plumbing Project

Blocked Drain Taps & Toilet Renovations +1

Today, we investigated a Hot Water System which was leaking. Depending on the cause and severity of a leak sometimes hot water heater repairs are possible. Other times a hot water heater replacement is the only solution. Replacing a broken hot water system with an identical unit is a common solution. This however may not always be the best option cost wise or environmentally. Hot water systems are constantly changing and what was the best 10 years ago is unlikely to be the best today. It is highly likely that there is a better option to suit your home and lifestyle.

Plumbing Project

Blocked Drain Taps & Toilet Renovations +1

Today, we investigated a Gas Stove Installation. Installation of gas stove, oven or cook tops can be dangerous if not done properly, as it involves disconnecting the gas lines. Gas cooktop or ovens may also require alterations to fit your kitchen layout. This is why you should always call a professional to install your gas appliances like gas ovens, gas cooktops and gas stoves for domestic and commercial use.


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