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Backflow Prevention Sydney


Backflow takes place whenever there’s a difference in water pressure and unclean, contaminated water gets pulled into the water supply on a property. This backflow compromises the quality of water, and it's why you should get a backflow prevention device installed.

Causes of Backflow

Many different reasons can cause a backflow of contaminated water, such as:


Laundry tubs with spout extenders


Car washing bays


Retractable hand pieces in sinks


Service and mechanical rooms


Submerged water outlet extensions in showers and bathtubs


Swimming pool areas where hoses can reach the pool areas


Garbage areas where hoses are used to wash bins

These are all potential backflow risks, and if you don't take adequate measures,
you put your family and yourself at risk of consuming that contaminated water.

Backflow Prevention Installation Services


We can help with fitting backflow prevention devices such as ‘Check Valves’, ‘RPZD’s’, and 'Double Check Valves', at the source. If any of the abovementioned scenarios exist on your property, call us today. We can also maintain and repair these backflow devices so that you have uncontaminated water on your property.

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